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UK Windsurf Tour 2017 - Luke Smith

West Witering

For me this was the first year that I was be able to do every stop of the British Wavesailing Tour, and the only Freestyle event (all without clashing for once!).


It really goes to show how great UK windsurfing is at the moment that we had 4 super fun wave events and 1 awesome freestyle one too.

The fist of which was the BWA Funsport Rhosniegr event in spring. This was my first Pro level wave event, and my best pro wave result so far! The conditions weren't ideal, not big waves and not that windy – but I think that worked in my favour massively. The vibes were great as we all slept in cars/vans on the roads surrounding the event. It was 5.2m and 4.8m weather with waist high waves. I made it through all the rounds and into the final in the single elimination to come 4th. The next day we ran a double and I lost out to Steve Thorpe to finish 5th. I was super chuffed with this result and buzzing for the rest of the year!

Blast through the summer (which was awesome on the east coast by the way) and straight to Tiree for the Tiree Wave Classic. If you have never been to Tiree you really need to! It is so hard to put into words the feeling from the event. Every day is either surfing or windsurfing (usually both) followed by pub. Cruising around the island from spot to spot so far away from the rest of the world is the best. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I didn't do so well with a result, but the level was so high so I'm not too fussed – its not about the result anyway right!? We sailed everything from ultra light wind logo high down the line from the right to 3.3m hurricane jumping from the left and everything in between . Thrown in were some evening(night) surfs with just the gang and some fun boozy nights too.

Next weekend was the 'King of the Trench' freestyle event with 2XS X Club Vass. For the second year running the vast majority of UK freestyle met at West Wittering beach for the only freestyle event. It was so great to see everyone and catch up, and even get some wind! I made it through the first bunch of rounds as it got windier and windier until eventually I got knocked out by mega all-round pro Bubble. I was super happy with 5th place and only PWA boys (current and past) ahead of me, I would be super keen to break into this group one day. Some beers were drank in the evening too :)


Fortunately for me the Cornwall Wave Classic that was planned to clash with the 'King of the Trench' event was postponed by a week so a few days later I was able to cruise down the M5 to Cornwall. It was great car/van camping with the boys on the beach again and we had wind both days! Both the single and double were ran in onshore jumping. The double in pretty big dumpy straight onshore(not ideal)! The top guys and girls all made it look easy but it really wasn't! Came 9th but had loads of fun with everyone.

We had a few weeks 'off' leading up to the last event, the Avon Wave Classic. We all hoped for wind for the last event of the season, which even though we didn't get, we did get sunshine and loads of interested from the general public – maybe the two story beach gin bar helped! We ran lots of tow in and other light wind bits for the crowds. I was really chuffed to come 3rd in the Tow in Freestyle and great practise to do the moves whipped at the waves by the powerboat! Avon Wave Classic is a real 'windsurf festival' I'm sure there will be wind for it next year, but even if not its a great last party for the whole BWA crew.

Not that its about the results, but my best ones are as follows;

6th Overall BWA Wave PRO

5th Pro Wave Rhosnigr

5th King of the Trench Freestyle

3rd Tow in Freestyle at Avon Wave Classic.


Cant wait for some decent storms and to do it all again next year!''

Luke Smith 

Team Rider - Severne Windsurfing & Starboard Windsurfing

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