Starboard, are the largest windsurfing board manufacturer in the world. They have prided themselves on innovation and quality and breaking boundaries in windsurfing since 1994.

Starboard are now raising to a new the challenge - protecting our ocean. They are doing this in the only way they know, with innovation and quality.


New for 2017, besides introducing plant based resin in all their boards, using bio based packaging for all products, they will also be using recycled materials wherever possible. As a result, they have managed to reduce the carbon footprint of their key materials by up to 30% since last year.


Over the last few seasons Starboard have been involved in the Thor Heyerdahl Mangrove Park in Myanmar. For each Starboard board sold they plant one mangrove tree, absorbing up to 1 ton of CO2 over 20 years while also creating an efficient coastal heavy weather protection shield for the nearby low lying villages.

Therefore, by purchasing from Starboard windsurf not only are you getting a board that will perform perfectly on the water but you are making an environmental decision as well.

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