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Forward WIP

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The foiling market is charging! Watersports are going through the revolution of foiling, gliding over the sea in every enjoyable and efficient way, so new horizons open up…

Forward WIP are a switzerland-based company born in 2015 and specialize in innovative protective gear designed for riders/sailors going fast on the water. WIP is the clear winning choice of the America’s Cup team, Olympic and World Champions around the World such as Glenn Ashby, Billy Besson, Loick Peyron…

WIP are pro sailors, engineers, designers, supply specialists… and are all dedicated to watersports, training and racing whenever possible to constantly test new ideas. Innovation is their DNA, they want to provide the best personal gear out there for flying catamarans, fast dinghies, board-foiling riders protecting them and helping them to reach their next level…

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Who To Contact


James Connor
WIP - Brand Manager


James Hyde
WIP - Sales & Customer Service

Matt Earp
WIP - Marketing

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