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Combines the stoke of Kite, SUP, and Windsurf into a single flying experience.

Working with the design teams from both Starboard and Airush, FreeWing fuses the innovation and ideology of the different sports into groundbreaking designs with refined performance.
 Designed between Thailand, Bali, Tarifa, Cape Town, and Maui, FreeWing have been able to optimize both light wind and high wind performance to suit your local conditions.

Starboard Wingboards

What Starboard say:

Here at Starboard we’re always pushing the limits of wingboard design, and our cutting-edge wingfoiling boards are a testament to that.

We’ve also introduced a range of entry-level wingboards for those just getting started who want to learn how to handle a wing without the use of a foil.

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Who To Contact

Paul Simmons
Starboard Wingboard + FreeWing - Brand Manager


James Hyde
Sales & Customer Service


Matt Earp

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