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International Brands

What Tushingham Sales offer

Over 30 years experience

We have over 30 years’ experience of stocking, supplying and distributing the best watersports equipment to the UK.

We go above and beyond

We are praised on the fact that we go beyond being ‘just distributors’ and support brands beyond just supplying their products to businesses.

Access to comprehensive retailers and centres

We have instant access to the UK's most comprehensive network of retailers and centres.

Dedicated Customer Sevice

We have dedicated customer service team to deal with warranty's and concerns.

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Dedicated Marketing Team

We have a dedicated marketing team to effectively promote your brand in the UK.

We Know What We're Doing!

We have an incredibly indepth knowledge of the UK watersports market.

Proven Sales Team

We have a proven sales team who specialise in distributing watersports equipment. 

We truly believe we are the best watersports distributor in the UK.

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Check out the brands we currently distribute

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