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After an incredibly successful period producing quality windsurfing equipment, Starboard entered the SUP market in 2006. Holding true to their core values they have since paved the way in development of the sport being the first to produce boards in wood construction.

Starboard were also the first brand to realise the performance side of SUP even bringing out the first board under 7 foot!

At the opposite end of the scale are the all round boards like the Whopper that allow more people than ever to get into SUPing. These board designs were replicated in their inflatable range which entered the market back in 2012.


The beauty and excitement of SUP is that it is a sport for everyone of all ages. You don’t need top skills or to perform at the most advanced level. It will be the weekend warriors and the people that want to play on the water with their friends and family who will continue to drive this sport forward and carry us into the next phase of SUP.


Above all Starboard SUP want to inspire people to get into paddle boarding and to “Live the Tiki Life”.

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Paul Simmons

Starboard SUP - Brand Manager


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Starboard SUP - Sales & Customer Services


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Starboard SUP - Marketing

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