Tushingham Trivia Quiz

We thought we would put together a Windsurf Pub Quiz to test the wits of all corners of the world to see who is the biggest Windsurf Anorak! The person who answers the most questions correctly will win a brand new Tushingham Sail of their choice, we will also send this to you free of charge, anywhere in the world!!! Should more than one person get the highest score then the names will be put into a hat and a winner selected. For help with questions 3, 24 and 25 please see the pictures and video below.

Once you have all of your answers please submit them to lgreen@tushingham.com titled Tushingham Trivia Competition for marking.

The closing date for the competition is 12pm (BST) on Monday 8th October. 

To download a high resolution copy of the quiz click HERE

For a lower resolution copy please click HERE

The Badger List – trailer from LIFE Cinematic on Vimeo.