Raceboard 7.5-9.5m

Longboard racing power

A specialist sail for longboard racing in the International Raceboard Class, top level riders from across the world are choosing the XR-Race.

The results from the highly competitive UK Raceboard series speak for themselves with a majority of the top sailors choosing the XR. Pumping superbly in lighter winds and highly tuneable for racing overpowered, there are sizes to cater for all rider weights.

Ken Black is working closely with leading Raceboard competitors and constant refinement ensures it will continue to set the pace in all levels of raceboard competition. With an all-new 9.5m sail, boasting significant advances in light airs, the XR-Race is poised for more race winning success in the widest range of conditions. 



"I'm keen to hit the competitions with our updated 9.5m - it flies in light winds but remains mega-fast in a breeze"

Dave Hackford



Tushingham Flag

XR Race

Tuning tips


With correct tuning the XR-Race offers superb performance on all points of sail across a wide wind range. To extract ultimate performance here are some tuning tips, courtesy of Dave Hackford:

  • Upwind: The sail needs to be set with both downhaul and outhaul tension. Apply less tension in light winds than in the stronger winds. In choppy sea conditions consider having a slightly fuller sail to drive the board through the chop more easily.
  • Downwind: This depends hugely on the strength of the wind and how skilled you are at handling full sails in overpowered conditions. Light winds: Most sailors have zero downhaul tension and significant negative outhaul tension. As the wind increases both adjustments are increased. Once you reach fully powered conditions the downhaul on the sail will show that the leech from the top to the 3rd batten will be loose.
  • In extreme light winds consider replacing the two central battens with softer rod sections (available from your dealer). This will pull the draft back giving a little more ‘belly’ and better pumping.
  • For full race tuning we recommend setting up your rig with both an adjustable outhaul and downhaul system. 

Cam Spacers        

The small plastic pieces supplied with your sail are to fine tune the amount of pressure on the mast from each camber inducer. Too little pressure and the foil is not locked in to the mast and the sail loses efficiency. Too much pressure and the cams will be difficult to rotate, with the added risk of breaking the batten or even mast! 

Mast Choice

  • Choose the 100% carbon Ultimate Pro to maximise the efficiency of the XR-Race
  • The Carbon 75 is good alternative at a competitive price.
XR Race