Light Freeride 4.5-7.5m

Offering great drive and sustained power

The recent trend of performance four-batten sails has been limited to manoeuvre-oriented designs like the Edge… until now!

Ken Black studied a wide range of freeride windsurfers in holiday centres, noticing many riders blasting around on unsuitable freestyle rigs – which may be light but lack the drive necessary to power larger boards effectively. The brand new 4-batten Concept blends crisp freeride performance with effortless light handling in light to medium winds.

The Concept’s power, super-easy handling and light weight make it the very best sail for progression and with respectable top-end stability, it will last well beyond the early stages of planing.

Riders who thrive on well-powered or overpowered sailing should look towards the Storm or T4, each with top-end stability that excels in stronger winds.

Red Black

"Testing this sail surprised us every session: an unbelievable blend of power and impeccable handling"

Paul Simmons