27 Nov 2014

Windsurfing Xmas Gift Ideas!

A ‘Wise’ Windsurfing Gift This Xmas!

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24 Nov 2014

Simon Bornhoft Windwise 2015 Tour Dates

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Hi Folks

We have just released our Simon Bornhoft’s Windwise 2015 Tour dates, with our unique ‘Skills Training System’ and personalised holidays, courses and coaching to suit every level, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your windsurfing a serious boost and have an amazing windsurfing experience! we’d love to see you on the water in 2015, here’s some stunning locations to choose from?


WINDWISE Winds Of The World Tour 2015
Bonaire 24th March-2nd April (Fully reserved)
Alacati 6th-13th June (Ltd)
Alacati 13th-20th June
Fuerteventura 4th-11th July
Prasonisi 8th-15th Aug
Lanzarote 22nd-29th Sept
Mauritius 10th-20th Oct
Australia 1st-19th Dec

With Freeride and Freewave courses/locations for all levels and the proven Windwise Skills Training System, you can expect to move your windsurfing onto the next level and beyond. Our engaging Skils Training System identifies, isolates and targets the exact skills that make the difference you YOUR windsurfing. Whether you’re struggling to grasp the basics or stuck on a plateau and want to move your skills base on, the ‘Skills Training System’ is proven truly make a difference. Not only that, but on each Windwise experience provides a very welcoming social atmosphere, added adventures and local knowledge to get the most out of each location.

For more info email info@windwise.net now!


20 Nov 2014

BOLT and/or ROCK

By Peter Hart

After extensive testing on his clinics, Peter Hart helps pinpoints the subtle differences between the Rocks and Bolts.

Where Tushingham has differed from other brands is that we’ve only presented you with one wave sail range. For the past 10 years it has been the much loved Rock.

 It’s our belief that a good wave sail, with a little tweaking, can be made to work in ALL conditions. I mean, say you bought a dedicated, down-the-line riding sail and you arrive at your local spot to find it howling onshore, what are you supposed to do? Go out and buy another set? Nice idea but you’re going to need a bigger van.

But we do seem to have gone back on our word with the release of the Bolt – but sort of by mistake. The smaller Bolts, 5.25 downwards, have 4 battens. Although they were designed to be ‘light in the hands’ all-round, freestyle and free-ride sails, team riders and magazine testers alike have given them a definite thumbs up for the waves. 
So which is it to be, Rock or Bolt?

I took a set of Rocks and 4 batten Bolts on my recent 6 week wave clinic tour. I used both in the same conditions. I gave them to my charges to try and now have a very good idea who they suit and in what conditions.
Here are some thoughts.

Over or under-powered?
The fifth batten of the Rock is there to support the foil and lend extra stability. So the Rock over-powers better and has a slightly wider upper wind range. I personally like that for those crazy days when the wind is unstable. I can rig a little bigger in the knowledge that I’ll plane through the lulls and be able to survive the gusts no problem – a big advantage if the sea is crazy and unpredictable.

This isn’t necessarily a big person small person thing but those who liked to sail slightly over-powered, favoured the Rocks.

With one batten less, the Bolts ‘bag out’ a little more and can generate more low end power. You can get a way with a smaller sail, which increases your manoeuvrability and allows you ‘hide’ and depower the sail more easily at critical moments during the wave ride. 

It’s not just a wave sailing issue. I gave a Bolt to a 50 kg lady, who found herself planing ecstatically with a 4.5 in 18-20 knots and with NO dead weight in her hands. The less battens you have the more information you get from a sail both visually and through feel, which again is a plus in critical situations but also for pumping and trimming in lighter winds. The pay-off is that ‘feel’ turns to instability in the big gusts. If you genuinely are going to do a lot of wave riding on proper swell often under-powered in fluffy winds, look at the Bolt. 

If you favour powered up wave sailing, the extra stability you get from the Rock, especially launching into and landing wild jumps, may suit you. 

Both the Rock and the Bolt make great freestyle sails. But if you’re genuinely looking towards new school tricks (Vulcans, Flakas and beyond) you might favour the Bolt. It’s so light in the hands that it makes you want to go for the tricks – and the mental ‘go for it’ battle is the one to win.

In Tarifa last week I was using the 5.2 Bolt on the 103 Kode in 18 knots of wind, a combo I would never have used before. For manoeuvre oriented sailing, it was magic. I handed it to a few die-hard old skoolers and they all immediately felt that a bit of popping and sliding could be on the cards!

Failure to nail even the more ‘basic’ moves – carve and duck gybes for example – is often down to nothing more than big blokes trying to hang on to too much sail. Having a go on a smaller Bolt was real light bulb moment and gave them a taste of how you should feel approaching a move.

So in summary I would say:
Don’t agonise too much – whichever one you go for, the choice won’t be wrong. Both sails work across the board. 

Talking teccy, the Rock depowers better from the leech – you can set it with more downhaul so it’s easy to oversheet get the leech to open.

The Bolt depowers better from the luff – i.e. you can spill wind instantly by sheeting out. 

Go for both! I’m only half joking. For waves most have a ‘go to’ size, especially for riding, which is generally a 5.2 depending on their size obviously. If that sail gets trashed at the beginning of the session, you’re screwed. I will always have both a 5.2 Rock and a 5.25 Bolt with me, because I enjoy the different feel AND so I have a spare. The Bolt also makes a great SUP sail.

Rock 1

Rock 1.  The Rock – super versatile in all conditions – the extra batten widens the upper wind range.

Bolt 1

Bolt 1. The Bolt – so light in the hands – it can bring a new ‘freesyley’ element to your sailing.

Bolt 3 Bolt 2

Bolt 2 and 3  Harty on a 103 Kode and a 5.25 Bolt, a big board, small sail combo he would never have got away with before.


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