Aeron Carbon

The ultimate boom

For those demanding perfection

Carbon booms are often overlooked by recreational windsurfers, deterred by prices up to triple that of an alloy equivalent. They can bee seen as a luxury item for freeride, especially in the smaller sizes but for racers seeking maximum rig efficiency they’re a crucial piece of kit- especially in the larger sizes where even the best alloy booms flex considerably.

Imagine the frustration of a competitor pumping hard to gain position, only for much of their energy to be absorbed by flexing boom arms. A good stiff carbon boom transfers energy from both pumping and gusts far more efficiently.

Updated Specifications

In previous years Aeron carbon booms haven’t been the lightest available but we’re now stocking the latest designs, featuring significantly reduced weight without any sacrifice to stiffness or strength.

Fittings are of the usual Aeron quality, with rear-adjustment clips engaging solidly to the back-end. The oversized front-end spreads the heavy loading from race rigs evenly through the mast, avoiding point-loading and potential mast breakage.  

Aeron Carbon